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Education will blow 2016 assembly of “finance•publicity•recruitment”

From:教育管理办公室Time:2015-12-31Hits: 2358

 In order to promote stable and healthy educational development of Longhua New District under “first-class school running. first-class management” system, persons in charge of Public Utilities Board and Education Management Office and more than 200 principals of middle and primary schools and leaders of kindergartens gathered in the assembly hall of Qinghu Primary School on December 30 in the end of 2015 and prepared for work arrangement of 2016 from the perspective of “school financial management”, “educational propaganda and self-media construction” and “recruitment and enrollment”.


In the meeting, Xiao Yan, the section chief of Planning, Financial and Infrastructure Division of Public Utilities Board, focused on explaining temporary provisions and methods for “financial reimbursement procedures”, “procurement of goods of small amount” and “minor construction” under “first-class school running” management mode.  From the point of financial management, Luo Qiuxiong, the director general of Public Utilities Board, emphasized that schools and kindergartens, as legal entities, should handle affairs according to policies, systems and requirements of construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government, ponder over harm of greed, get rid of inordinate ambitions, discipline and warn themselves, and that financial department, audit department and competent educational department of Longhua New District would carry out specialized auditing and supervision for “budget scientificity”, “expenditure legality” and “asset management compliance”.  Director general Luo also stressed that schools should disclose financial conditions regularly or irregularly and initiatively accept supervision from teachers, parents and all sectors of society.


Moreover, in order to adapt to features of educational development in the all media era and disclose comprehensive, accurate and fast education services and information to the public, Li Yuzhong, the deputy director of Education Management Office, made work arrangements and said, Longhua New District was concentrated on building “double micro+ web portals” of education (WeChat, Microblog and online web portal of Longhua Education), it was a new integrated educational media platform which required all public and private schools to build campus websites, public schools and municipal level and higher private schools to build English websites, all public and private schools and kindergartens to build public WeChat ID, all schools (kindergartens) to build official Microblog according to practical situations.


Finally, teacher Yan Ping of Basic Education Division of Education Management Office made arrangements for and studied “transferred classes in spring”, “recruitment in autumn” and “school attendance of exceptional students” in 2016, required public and private schools to recruit students according to arrangements and schedule time of Longhua New District so as to ensure academic degree construction and service of people’s livelihood.


The meeting was hosted by Chen Yechun, the director of Education Management Office, Yulong School shared work experience in we media construction, persons in charge of finance, propaganda and recruitment from middle and primary schools as well as kindergartens attended this meeting.   (Text&Picture/Ye Zehua)