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“hundreds of famous teachers to enter private schools” opened a new chapter of elementary education

From:教育管理办公室Time:2015-10-23Hits: 2555

From October, 2015 and June, 2016, hundreds of famous teachers will enter 30 private schools such as Aiyi School and “help” non-state employed teachers to give lessons in many ways. It’s a piece of good news obtained from Longhua New District education system “three-famous project” working conference and the opening ceremony of “hundreds of famous teachers entering private schools” activity.


Excellent faculties are the precondition for outstanding education. It’s reported that Public Utilities Board of Longhua New District started to plan and prepare “three-famous project” of education system two years ago, and, under the leadership of Educational Scientific Research Center, officially initiated review of “famous teachers” in October, 2014 and selected 78 teachers from nearly 300 applicants.  Recently, Longhua New District will continue to carry out “famous schools” and “famous principals” projects.


Besides, “hundreds of famous teachers entering private schools” activity was launched then.  Strengthen the efforts to support education and teaching of private schools, facilitate private schools to improve professional level of teachers, promote exchange between public and private schools, and realize resource sharing and mutual improvement of public and private schools through “hundreds of famous teachers entering private schools” activity; further cultivate famous teachers of Longhua New District through "internal training and external introduction", and give play to demonstration, leading and radiation effect of famous teachers.


It’s worth mentioning that “hundreds of famous teachers” consist of famous teachers of Longhua New District, those introduced from other districts and cultivated by existing famous teachers, they expanded the famous teacher team, elevated the teaching level through exchange and further promote educational development of private schools.  (Ye Zehua, Wu Min)