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Two Teachers was Awarded the First Prize of Provincial Subject Qualification Trials

From:教育管理办公室Time:2016-04-15Hits: 1352

A few days ago, two students from new district took part in Guangdong Primary and Middle School Subject Qualification Trials as Shenzhen Representatives after rounds of selection and won the first prize.


On April 10, the scientific experimental innovation scheme made by Teacher Wu Chaopeng from Biology Subject of Minzhi Middle School, namely, Improvement of Experimental Method about Green Leaves Generate Organics under the Light, was awarded the first prize in Scientific Education Scheme of the 31st Guangdong Youth Scientific Innovation Competition.


From April 12 to April 13, depending on the novel and interesting teaching design, comfortable and lively demonstration, with the topic of Pavage, Teacher Ma Defang from Longhua No. 2 Primary School was awarded the first prize in the 8th Guangdong Primary School Mathematics Teaching Competition. (Text and Photo/Ye Zehua, Wu Min)