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Secretary Ma Xingrui surveyed early childhood education of Longhua New District on Teachers’ Day

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 “Teaching is a sunny, happy and lofty occupation, may faculty members and retired teachers happy on Teachers’ Day.” In the afternoon of September 9, Ma Xingrui - the deputy secretary of Guangdong Province and municipal party secretary of Shenzhen City, endured the hardships of a long journey just to visit Longyueju Blue Ocean Kindergarten and express condolences and blessings to teachers of Longhua New District after attending “Shenzhen 31st Teachers' Day Celebration Meeting”.  Wu Yihuan - the Deputy mayor of Shenzhen City, Guo Yurong - the director general of Education Bureau of Shenzhen City, Yu Xinguo - the party committee secretary of Longhua New District and Chen Qing - the director of Management Committee, took part in survey and consolation.


Secretary Ma Xingrui et al visited the campus environment of Blue Ocean Kindergarten in spirits, knew about practical situations, highly appreciated and recognized various tasks. He requested education department and the departments concerned as well as schools to further free our minds, innovate thinking, face up to difficulties, grasp real practice and solid work, positively promote planning and development of preschool education and other education projects, accelerate construction of innovative and open modern education system, realize satisfying education, and offer a stronger support to sustainable development of Shenzhen City and construction of a modern internationalized innovation-oriented city.


Secretary Ma Xingrui also showed deep concern for working and living conditions of teachers.  He inquired teacher’s work treatment with concern and took a group photo with front-tier teachers, everyone was excited to tears.  Hearing the government at municipal and district levels studied to improve income of early childhood teachers, they felt delighted and expressed thanks to secretary Ma for the most precious gift on Teachers’ Day.  Ms. Huang Ling, the principal of Blue Ocean Kindergarten, was very excited and glad of secretary Ma Xingrui’s consolation, it fully indicated that municipal and district leaders paid high attention to preschool education, so she was full of confidence and expectation for the future of preschool education!


It’s understood that secretary Ma Xingrui, since he assumed the post, had given top priority to education and regarded it as the key work concerning future development of Shenzhen City and construction of a happy city for people's livelihood. “Managing education well and cultivating talents will benefit our future generations.” Secretary Ma Xingrui repeatedly emphasized, both future development of Shenzhen City and the Chinese dream of realizing Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation depended on talents, while education was the key to cultivate talents. (Text&Picture/Ye Zehua, Feng Tingting)