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Professional guidance promotes development, teacher training enriches cultural deposits

From:教育管理办公室Time:2015-09-01Hits: 2502

In order to enable new teachers of Longhua New District to establish a career position and improve teaching cognition and professional quality, “2015 Longhua New District new teacher summer induction training” hosted by Longhua New District Educational Scientific Research Center was successfully launched in Guanlan No.2 Middle School in the morning of August 30. Duan Xianqing - the Director of Educational Scientific Research Center, Wang Zhenxin - Shenzhen Top Ten Young Teacher and the teacher of Dalang Experimental School, Yang Bo - the annual teacher of Longhua New District and the teacher of Xinhua High School were guest speakers. Teacher Wang Jianjun and PhD. Zhang Wenhua of Educational Scientific Research Center hosted the training.


First, director Duan Xianqing expressed welcome to new teachers joining education of Longhua New District, reviewed development history of Longhua New District from a macroscopic perspective, pointed out that education of Longhua New District was “making a big breakthrough”, requested teachers to struggle bravely, and hope all teachers could devote to education.


Then, teacher Wang Zhenxin shared his experience from a new teacher to Shenzhen Top Ten Young Teacher through the topic of "My Course of Growth", summarized educational experience such as “learn to be ambitious”, “learn to be serious”, “learn to cooperate”, “learn to study” and “learn to research”.


After that, teacher Yang Bo shared experience in working as a head teacher through the topic of "Grass-roots Head Teacher Enjoys A Happy Life". Based on “skill” and “method”, the former contained “class development planning”, “cultivation of class leaders”, “construction of class atmosphere”, “teacher-student relationship” and “multi-cooperation”, the latter was summarized into “trust”, “mercy” and “patience”.  Teachers were deeply touched by teacher Yang Bo’s detailed cases and smooth-spoken narration.


In the interaction process, teachers asked questions actively, director Duan Xianqing’s forwarding-looking thoughts, teacher Wang Zhenxin’s earnest attitude, teacher Yang Bo’s concrete analysis and PhD. Zhang Wenhua’s humorous and trenchant expression pushed the training to a high tide.


The training lasted half a day, profound ideological connotation and practical teaching experience helped teachers to examine themselves better, establish a clear orientation faster and engage in education of Longhua New District more professionally.


It’s reported that Educational Scientific Research Center, as required by “continuing education activity week” of Shenzhen City and focused on curriculum reform in primary and middle schools, invited many provincial-level and municipal-level teachers from 26th to 30th of August, and conducted training for disciplinary faculties of middle and primary schools, new teacher training of the whole district and diversified summer trainings with the aim of improving teacher’s cultivating ability and constructing a new teacher team.  All disciplinary faculties of Longhua New District improved their professional skills in the training.


Teachers said: such summer teacher training should be regarded as “the first class”, which broadened education view and laid a solid foundation for development of education and teaching in new semesters.  The Training Department of Educational Scientific Research Center determined to continuously reform and innovate the training form, enrich training contents, enable training to be an indispensable part of education and teaching and to promote teacher's professional development.