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Admiring Master’s Mind and Comprehending the Way of Sage’s Education

From:教育管理办公室Time:2015-09-28Hits: 893

In order to promote teachers of primary and middle schools in Longhua New District to realize and grasp the new characteristics and trend of the good traditional Chinese class cultural education, and also fully upgrade teaching skills and comprehensive quality of Chinese classic of backbone teachers in the district primary and middle schools, Professor Fu Peirong was invited by Scientific Research Center of new district to give a half-day Chinese classic lecture at Guanlan No. 2 Primary School on September 24, 2015.


During the wonderful speech for more than 2 hours, Professor Fu explained Mencius in modern Chinese, and led us jump the gap in characters to discover the essence of Confucianism by integrating the research results made by previous interpreters and contemporary scholars, so as to give a abundant culture and education feast to teachers. (Text and Photo/Wu Min)