Longhua Education

Education Overview in Longhua New District



I. Basic Situation

Closely based on the overall deployment of the Party Committee and the Management Committee of Longhua New District and taken the development strategy of "Balanced quality, brand characteristics, international openness and talent institutions", the reform and innovation shall be promoted in an in-depth manner, and the education transformation shall be accelerated so as to vigorously promote the education development towards the balanced, high-quality, distinctive, diverse and international direction, and to comprehensively enhance the students' overall quality and the modernization level of education.

There are a total of 219 educational institutions in Longhua New District, including 30 public and 30 private middle and primary schools, 4 adult cultural and technical schools (Community Education Center), 147 kindergartens, and 8 education and training institutions. There are 9107 full-time teachers in the middle and primary schools and kindergartens, including 2077 teachers with regular payroll and 984 temporary employed teachers in public schools; 2872 full-time teachers in the private school, 3174 full-time teachers in the kindergarten. There are a total of 0.1648 million children in the middle and primary schools and kindergartens, where there are 0.049 million students in the public school, 0.0699 million students in the private school as well as 0.0459 million in the kindergartens. The proportion of non-Shenzhen registered students in the public and private schools accounts for 81.01%.

        In order to adapt to the new demand for education under the policy of "two districts, one city," the Public Utilities Bureau set "create excellence in education, and build a happy Longhua" as the tag line, to further promote the four major strategies: "balancing quality; brand features; international strategy; open-mindedness and talent-centered." By 2020, the New District should become an educational model city inChina.


II. Education Highlights

(I) The construction intensity of public school is unprecedented. Due to the shortcomings in the history, the contradiction between supply and demand of the state-run academic degree in the compulsory stage of the new district is quite outstanding. By adhering to the idea of parallel approach of new construction, renovation and expansion, the new district increased investment and intensified the public school construction, simplified the pre-approval procedures and made the greatest efforts to offset the shortcomings of public schools. Since the foundation of the new district, a total of five new public schools were built, while the renovation and expansion of the old schools were accelerated. It is predicted that by 2016, the new district will witness the increase of about 10,000 high-quality academic positions each year, by then, the problem of “large class” in the primary and secondary schools will be basically eliminated.

(II) The comprehensive reform of education is pushing forward robustly. Firstly, the education management system of "First-class school running and management" shall be steadily carried forward, and strive to boost the city overall transformation based on the leading transformation of education. Secondly, the social capital investment and financing mechanism shall be innovated to fully support and promote the collaboration between Mission Hills Group and the foreign famous schools so that one international school and one foreign language school can be built in the Mission Hills Area. In addition, it is encouraged and supported that social forces can build the featured, high-end and non-profit private schools to promote the construction of Arts Middle School (in cooperation with the Shanghai Theater Academy), Foxconn Children School in Longhua New District.


(III) The efforts to support private education shall be intensified. The restructuring and development of private education shall be promoted to encourage and support the cooperation of high quality private schools with the domestic well-known brand education institutions; the training of talented students, small classes teaching, bilingual education and internationalization courses teaching experiment etc. shall be carried out to promote the private school developing towards the featured, high-end, international and brand direction. In addition to grant teaching allowances for teachers in the private school with the continuous work for more than one year (three continuous years required by the urban area) in the new district, starting from this year, the teachers of the private schools and kindergarten of the whole district will have the annual assessment; for those excellent ones after assessment, the reward of 3,000 Yuan/year/person will be given from the financial ministry. In addition, the mobile temporary post and assistance for the public and private school teachers will be steadily promoted to further promote the quality development of compulsory education.

(IV) The "Three Famous" Project (famous schools, principals and teachers) shall be steadily promoted. Throughout the city, the indicator system and evaluation methods of "Excellent Education Demonstration School", quality education schools and famous principals, teachers and teachers workshops are launched initiatively. The famous principals and teachers shall be openly selected and cultivated with greater range, higher standards and more flexible policy so as to create a number of "famous schools" and the education brand in new district.

(V) The characteristics of regional education achievement are obvious. The New District has basically formed the bright view of "one school with one feature, one student with one item of special skills": the engraving art in Mission Hills High School, shuttlecock in Longhua middle school, sports art in Xinhua Middle School, science and technology in Minzhi Middle School, "Dream Course" in Gaofeng Middle School, Orff Music in Xingzhi Primary School, moral education team in Longhua Central Primary School, the traditional virtues education in Minzhi Primary Schools, the rural environmental protection in Xintian Primary School, the robots in Shangfen Middle School, the aerobics and poetry education in Dandi Experimental Primary School, the golf in China-U.S. Middle School, the paper cut arts in Qinghu Primary School, taekwondo in Da Shuikeng Primary School, the folk music in Zhenneng Middle School and the international education in Qianlong Middle School… Feng Hui, student from Xinhua Middle School, achieved four consecutive world championships in freestyle skating; Qianlong School passed NCCT international standards evaluation and certification, becoming the country's first certified public school. Among the 32 high-quality private schools evaluated in Shenzhen this year, Longhua New District accounted for five.

(VI) The college entrance examination score made a record high in the new district. Under the condition that the increased people attending the examination, and the competition of key undergraduate schools and undergraduate schools became even more fierce, the “three rates” of passing the line in Mission High School and Longhua School in the new district had set the top record in the history, of which the number of key undergraduates increased 28% over last year; and the undergraduate on-line rate ratio increased 11% over the last year. The pure cultural students of the key undergraduates increase 38 people over the last year, and the number of those students in the whole district is 52 with the growth rate of 356%.




III. Education Development Idea in New District

The education in the new district will take "priority in development, reform and innovation, improvement of quality and pursuit of excellence" as the basic ideas, and regard "benefit people's livelihood, focus on innovation and improve the quality" as the focus so as to improve the overall level of education modernization in the New District and to achieve "small change in one year, and tremendous changes over three years" in the education of the new district with the comprehensive level coming into the advanced rank of city's education level development.



(I) Actively promote the first-class management of education. According to the requirements of education integration and institutional innovation and development goals in the special region, before the end of 2014, the education in the new district shall realize "first-class schooling and management” with the innovation of management system and improvement of management efficiency.


(II) Innovate the diversified educational mechanism. The running of schools based on the social capital shall be strongly encouraged and guided with the innovation of diversified school-running system. 1. Encourage "Famous Schools Run Private Schools"; 2 to 3 well-known domestic educational institutions shall be introduced to hold the high-end, model-type educational institutions or cooperative education, and strives to determine the educational brand institutions and the gradual introduction by 2016. 2. The Mission Hills Group, Foxconn Group, Shanghai Theatre Academy and other famous enterprises and academies shall be supported to run the public and nonprofit institutions, and non-profit middle and primary schools, and strives to complete the preliminary investigation and the various approval projects by 2014. 3. Develop the implementation methods to encourage social forces to run schools and innovative the educational investment and financing mechanism, and take the methods of "naming rights", the government awards and incentives as well as funds donation etc. to attract social capitals to participate in the school running and strive to make it implemented in 2016.


(III) Innovate the education international cooperation and exchange methods. By grafting the advantageous resources, the construction of higher education, featured college and international schools can be accelerated. It is aimed that in 2015, the Mission College International Engraving Arts Featured Academy can be constructed. The cooperation between Mission Hills Group and the University of Weston, Canada can be promoted so that one international school in the Mission Hills Area can be built in 2015.


(IV) Vigorously promote the quality and balanced development of compulsory education


1. Fully practice the government responsibility, and build the guarantee the quality and balanced development of compulsory education.

Firstly, adhere to the prioritized concepts. "Four priorities" are clearly proposed in the New District for the development of education, namely "Education priorities of development planning, financial investment, land supply and project approval." Secondly, adhere to planning in advance. The Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of the new district incorporated the balanced development of compulsory inclusion into Integrated Development Plan for Longhua New District (2012-2020) and prepared Education Development Plan for Longhua New District (2012-2020) at high standing points and high standards, and introduced Decision on the Overall Improvement of Education Modernization Level and five supporting documents, as well as working on the formulation of "Work Opinions on Deepening Reform and Strengthening Innovation by Public Utilities Board of Longhua District." Thirdly, investment first shall be adhered to. A substantial increase in investment in education and the key initiatives of increase the quality academic positions as the implementation of priority development strategic position shall be conducted and the funding for compulsory education budget shall be increased on an annual basis.


2. Overall co-ordination of regional education and promotion of balanced allocation of educational resources

The integrated development of education policy shall be implemented, the civic education shall be comprehensively coordinated and the public resources for education shall be rationally allocated. Firstly, strengthen funding investment guarantee. Improve education funding mechanism, and clarify the regional finance so that the uniform standards shall be referred to for the region's overall arrangements of compulsory education public school construction and renovation, bulk facilities and equipment, teaching and administrative expenses and personnel expenses, so as to realize the "management integration, budget standardization, approval unification and using specialization" of the public schools educational funds in the new district. Secondly, expand the supply of high-quality academic degree. Up to September this year, the new district built a total of five public schools, while accelerating the expansion of ten old schools. It is predicted that by 2016, about 10,000 high-quality academic positions will be added each year in the new district. Thirdly, support the balanced development of private education. The New District issued the Opinions on the Further Support of Development of Private Education to intensify the efforts to support private education. This year, the "Private Education Association" will be established, while a series of policies to support private education were formulated, which includes Guidance for Longhua District School Management Officials and Teachers Exchange and Job Rotation, Program for Twinning Support in Public and Private Schools in Longhua District, and Review Program of Education Quality Prize of Public and Private Schools in Longhua District etc.


3. Comprehensively strengthen the team building and enhance the core competitiveness of teachers.

The New District adheres to regard the teaching staff construction as a basis for the balanced development of compulsory education, and establish the long-term faculty complementary mechanism, cultivation and training mechanism and exchange twinning mechanism. It strives to implement the principal exchange and job rotation system and the principal rank system, and reform teachers' professional titles appraisal and employment, so as to greatly enhance the quality and balanced configuration level of compulsory education teachers. The New District is developing "Three Famous” Project Implementation Program of Education System in Longhua District and appraising the first batch of famous principals, teachers, teaching and research experts workshop and research base schools in the new district.


4. Comprehensively promote quality education to ensure that students grow up healthily and happily.

It shall be adhered to that people shall be cultivated by complying with virtue standards and follow the law of education development and physical and mental development of students. By taking the overall development of students as the purpose and the school connotation construction as the means and the curriculum reform as the carrier as well as the school development of characteristics as the objective to fully implement the quality education and comprehensively improve the quality of compulsory education to promote students’ healthy and happy growth.


Under the correct leadership of the Party committee and the management committee and under the care and support of all staff and faculty as well as the personages from all circles and the patriotic personages, the education in new district seized the opportunity to achieve the balanced, significant and excellent development of education, thus made the new contributions for "Two Districts and One City" in the new district!